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About us

OKO.press is a non-profit, investigative journalism and fact-checking project, created to preserve freedom of speech and secure access to information in Poland. In less than four years, OKO.press has become a widely recognized, often cited medium supported by the unique community of its' readers.

  • We investigate and evaluate statements made by politicians.
  • We monitor public spending.
  • We fight for access to public information.
  • We publish our own analyses.
  • We carry out our own opinion polls.
  • We are a first in Poland to use a safe drop-box called Signal.

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OKO.press is financed mainly by readers’ donations. All articles are available for free, there is no sponsored content and no commercials on our website. We are fully independent of politicians and corporations and we’re not affraid to publish the results of our investigations. Therefore, we kindly ask you to support our mission.


If you have any questions, want to send us important information or support us — please feel free to contact us. Our team speaks English, French, German, Spanish and several other languages.

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