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AG Tanchev strongly defends judges’ right to ask prejudicial questions directly to CJEU

The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU, Evgeni Tanchev, has strongly affirmed that polish judges (as any other judge in European Union member state) may pose prejudicial questions to the CJEU regarding their independence in the context of the disciplinary system.

Zbigniew Ziobro i Jarosław Kaczyński

The PiS state is already well outside the cultural border of Europe: seven cardinal sins

The situation is exceptionally grave. PiS has aimed almost its entire arsenal at the judiciary, but now has unsheathed one more weapon: administrative control of judicial verdicts - warns professor and philosopher of law Jerzy Zajadło, University of Gdańsk


The Obsession with Timmermans. “Anti-Polish”, “a tremendous saboteur”, “the European gendarme “

Polish government, arm in arm with Hungary, the Czech Republic and Italy, blocked Frans Timmermans’s candidacy for head of the European Commission. Over the last three years, the narrative of the Law and Justice party has portrayed him as a dark figure oppressing Poles in the name of "left-wing ideology" and his own career. Obvious lies.


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