rule of law

New legislation on Supreme Court published. PiS waves the white flag but the EU has no plans to quit

The new Supreme Court Act came into effect on 1 January – the judges previously forced to retire came back to work. PiS ultimately gave up despite stalling for time until the last moment. Yet the fight for the rule of law continues, and the EU has no plans to quit. In 2019, the CJEU will rule on the politicisation of the National Council of the Judiciary

Polish government demands the end of political discussions with the EU over rule of law

Reporting to the European Commission on the implementation of its recommendations regarding rule of law, the Law and Justice government is demanding the end of the procedure implemented under Article 7 of the Treaty on the EU. In the report, the government makes unsubstantiated claims that the changes into judiciary are addressing ‘high public expectations’

Polish Constitutional Tribunal did not yet legalize National Council of Judiciary [explainer]

The expected ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal would confirm that the current Polish National Council of Judiciary (KRS), suspended from the European Networks of Councils of Judiciary in September 2018, is legal and capable of guaranteeing independence of judiciary, which critics claim it is not